Ute Kaiser - voice
Annette Maye - clarinet, bass clarinet
Klaus Kugel - percussions, sound objects, gongs
„In music, God has left mankind the memory of paradise lost."
- Hildegard von Bingen (*1098 †17 September 1179)

Hildegard von Bingen's compositions, in their richness and depth, form the starting point and breath of our creative work. Her timeless melodies and texts fascinate us in their actuality and spiritual wideness. In our concerts, we expand them into avant-garde, contemporary, modern and archaic at the same time seeming sacred sound worlds.

We use voice, clarinet and bass clarinet as well as an extensive percussion set with novel sound objects, gongs and occasionally electronics.

Upcoming concerts:
Tuesday, August 20, 2024, 19:30, St. Marien Church, Röbel / Müritz.
More dates coming soon !
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The single SPIRITUS SANCTUS was released digitally in December 2021 and has been played on radio worldwide.

Previous concert venues: Altenberg Cathedral, Collegiate Church of Marienfließ Monastery, Music Summer Plau am See, +CulturKirche Oberberg, Jerichow Monastery Church, St. Mary's Church Rostock, Village Church Groß Plasten. A CD for the label Nemu Records is in preparation!

SCIVIAS — Contact:
Phone: +49 177 5 777 160

Links to the musicians:

Ute Kaiser
Annette Maye
Klaus Kugel

Ute Kaiser: Jörg Kronenberg
Annette Maye: Yoshi Toscani
Klaus Kugel: Kostyantyn Smolyaninov